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Dr. Mohammad Reza Alizadehfard


Reza has 20 years of experience in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. He has been involved in scientific and applied research in water desalination, advanced water and wastewater treatment using hybrid membrane systems. Reza has vast teaching experience at universities and industrial workshops since 1986. As well as 30 plus papers presented at international conferences, he has had 8 papers published.

Reza has specific expertise in all forms of Membrane Separation Processes, Conventional Wastewater Treatment, Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment, theory and practice, process design, installation, commissioning and optimisation.

David Griffiths

Business and Strategy Advisor

David can draw on an exceptional track record during his corporate career across 30 years of senior and executive roles with Minproc, Warman, MWH (now Stantec),ANI- Kruger (now part of Veolia), Permutit-Boby and WorleyParsons (now Worley). David’s expertise and experience covers a diverse range of markets. He works with companies across the journey from development of strategy, winning work and project delivery.

His experience includes over 25 years specifically in the water sector, covering potable and industrial water projects, wastewater treatment and water in the resource and energy sectors.

Paul Donaldson

Director, Waterforce

Paul’s passion for empowering his team, integrity, and customer focus, is evidenced by his reputation throughout the South Island of NZ particularly. His ability to engage key people into a team, to either solve a challenge or present a new concept, is a key strength.

Over 40 years, he is in the pumping and irrigation industry, from an engineering cadetship, through to sales, design, and leadership. He was one of the first trialists and adopter of the Irricad Design Software (1991). In agricultural projects involving multi pivot, multi pumping, multi dams, with SCADA control and monitoring.

Lin Zaid (Jason)

Investment Director

More than 30 years in the manufacturing industry. Found Zaidtek since 2006. Have own industry park. Start from consumer electronic products and expand to health care, PPE , Medical devices products in 2020.

Founder and Chairman of Zaidtek

osmotec team

David has 20 years of experience as a Water Treatment Operator and Plumber. His role at “Sort It Water” and OSMOTEC is running the day to day operations from customer service to project management. He also oversee company expansion and control the company assets. The OSMOTEC Team is dedicated and professional, so his role is relatively simple with having colleagues who are as passionate about Sort It Water and OSMOTEC Waters success.

David Schatz

Amir has 30 years of experience in designing, consulting and manufacturing HVAC and refrigeration equipment. He has extensive R&D and Manufacturing of Heat Transfer Intelligence (HTI), such as Rotary heat wheel, Cross flow heat exchanger, Heat pipe heat exchanger for heat recovery and optimization of energy; Design and manufacturing of full fresh air ( 100 % ) Air Handling Unit with 30,000 cfm supply air equipped heat wheel mechanism for heat recovery; Design and manufacturing 11 units of sub zero water cooled chiller ( brain chillers ), Design and implementation of adiabatic air cooler project with a capacity of 18 MW, Design and manufacture of automatic dust collectors (Reverse Jet Dust Collector), Consulting, design and production of more than 40,000 tons of air and water chillers for industrial and construction uses, and Design and implementation of the first District Cooling project with a capacity of 4,000 tons of cooling for Telecom towers and buildings.

Amir Malekzadeh

Kore has 20 years of experience as a Physiotherapist with 16 years’ experience as a business manager. He has worked on various boards in a wide array of community based activities from Political, Youth work, Social Justice, Christian Mentoring & Teaching. He has a wide range of experience in business management, communication & working with people, across a broad spectrum of the community to achieve a variety of goals.

Kore Tombs

Co-Founder of Zaidtek

Sales and marketing professional. Owner of printing plant. Co-Found Zaidtek since 2006. Start from consumer electronic products and expand to health care, PPE , Medical devices products in 2020.

Chen Ruifang (Alicia)

Paul Experienced Design, Project Management, People Management, Customer Technical Support & Sales Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the water industry. He has over 12 years design and sales experiences in water irrigation. He skilled in AutoCAD, Irrigation, Water Treatment, Water and Environmental Monitoring, and Water Quality.

Paul Fairbrother

With more than 10 years of experience playing with data, Mohsen has a strong passion for transforming data into valuable insights, supporting businesses to make data-driven decisions. As a Business Intelligence Analyst at Portt, he work with our customers on various analytics projects spanning the whole modern analytics life cycle from strategic planning to implementation and support. 

Along possessing diverse academic degrees, Mohsen has experience across many different industries including technology, rail, engineering, manufacturing, finance, and healthcare to transport, logistics and retail.

Mohsen Alizadehfard

Founder & CEO of Fujian Lihao Wanjia Culture Communication Co., Ltd 

GM of YAFOX Masks Business Unit

Have long-term culture spreading, advertising, marketing & corporate image design experiences.

Hu Yuwang

Hossein has 15 years of experience in water and wastewater projects. He works as a consultant to development water and wastewater treatment plants and industrial water production suitable for boilers and cooling towers in various chemical and mineral industries, petrochemicals, steel, sugar cane, wood, paper and food industries. Hossein has valuable experience in the removal heavy metals , colour and Organic Materials with Complex Structure from water and wastewater by advanced oxidation (AOP) and electrochemical methods (ELECTROPLATING).

Dr. Hossein Mohammad Niya

Mahdi has more than 15 years of industrial and academic experiences. He is a highly skilled Chemical, Process and Environmental Engineer. He is a Lead Process & Environmental Designer, University Lecturer, Senior Researcher and Active Inventor especially in the context of Innovative Reuse, Membrane Distillation (MD), Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs), which is applicable to Water and Wastewater, Oil & Energy, Utility, Circular Economy and Sustainability.

Furthermore, Mahdi is OSMOTEC’s Agent in Asia region, in all matters relating to Marketing, Meeting, Project Definition, Submitting the Documents related to our Water and Health Business.


Dr. Mahdi Jalayer

Desley is highly skilled in computer literacy, communication and project administration. She can manage contracts, process paperwork, and report on variations. She works in a broad range of industries including water and wastewater construction, financial services and management consultancy. If a challenge develops that may slow progress on specific areas of the project, Desley works with her team to come up with solutions. She holds team meetings to analyse progress of the project and utilises her teams experience and input to make decisions to adjust the plan, budget or timeline as needed.

Desley Steinmann

International Trade & E-commerce Department Head of Zaidtek

 More than 20 years’ supply chain management experience in Consumer Elec. & IT industry. Have the end to end knowledge of whole value chain of the industry. MBA, PMP certified.  

Li Feng (Richard)

Grant Experienced Design, Installation, Commissioning & Sales Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the water industry. He has over 20 years design and sales experiences in water irrigation. He skilled in AutoCAD, Irrigation, Water Treatment, Renewable Energy, and Water Quality.

Grant Brokenshire

Highly experienced consultant and project manager in sustainable development goals (SDGs) especially in the context of the circular economy, climate change mitigation, and waste management by demonstrated track record of perfoming in-depth Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Economic feasibility Assessment, forecasting, Engineering Design, Numerical Simulation, Data Analysis, Visualisation and Optimization.

Also, as a business analyst, I am very interested in converting the data of a business into information and then further transform that information into insights through in-depth data analysis and visualisation. I will be thrilled by seeing my data and results interpretation helping the companies to establish Effective KPIs.

Finally, I am highly passionate about multi-disciplinary projects with tangible and influential outputs leading to a direct impact on peoples’ life and effectively contribute toward making the world a better place to live.

Dr. Sajjad Mahmoudi

As a kid grown up in the heart of the desert, everyday water scarcity drove me to become a water and wastewater engineer ecstatic about water reuse and desalination. Fast forward to today, my career and passion have led me to pursue my reason of being in innovation and serving humanity.

With over 5 years of experience, I know how to design the most efficient water and wastewater treatment plants, engineering documentation and bidding procedures. In my last role as a process engineer in both engineering and tenders department, I have designed multiple unique desalination and reuse plant from basic to detail design. Separate from my official role, as a curious innovative engineer I have been involved in various R&D projects and developed many new technologies from optimized Electrodialysis (OED) for seawater desalination to Reverse Electrodialysis (RED) for power generation.

aimirreza arashi

I aspire to make a difference in society through business. Studying Commerce/Law at UNSW and undertaking exchange in China are great stepping-stones to better understanding the global business environment. Throughout university my heavy involvement in university society, Investing for Charity, which promoted altruism and professional integrity amongst Finance students and the broader student community, is I hope, only the start of the impact I can make with business. I also love meeting interesting people, listening to people talk about their passions, and motivating my friends and myself to become better versions of ourselves.



Alexia Fan

Saeid is a specialist in the preparation, characterization, and application of polymeric membranes (hollow fiber and flat sheet) for water treatment and gas purification with a special focus on PVDF membrane preparation.

Basically, industrial objective oriented researcher with very close and strong collaboration with several famous international companies research and development departments to approach company goals.

  • 15 years’ experience in spinning hollow fiber membranes using different methods:
  • Batch type hollow fiber membrane preparation via TIPS and NIPS methods
  • Continuous twin-screw extrusion hollow fiber for large-scale applications
  • Preparation of antifouling membranes with tailoring membrane material and surface properties.
  • Preparation of membranes with an appropriate structure for water treatment, wastewater treatment, and gas purification applications.
  • Having several joint filed patent with membrane and polymer companies.
  • Having published several journal papers with joint collaborative work with polymer or membrane companies.
  • Regular progress report and sharing findings with collaborative companies under NDA terms and conditions.

Dr. Saeid Rajabzadeh