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Established in 2004, Osmotec is a technological pioneer in the field of water and wastewater treatment, desalination, water reuse and solid waste recycling. Providing technical solutions trough engineering consulting services, construction of infrastructural project, Procurement services and Production of High tech equipment are the four main areas of our activity. 

Operation and Maintenance of utility plants and Finance of environmental projects are our complementary sides of our activity.

your environmental challenges | our sustainable solutions 

Based on years of experience in the field of water and wastewater treatment we represent the most unique sustainable engineering solutions for your environmental challenges. from desalination brine to solid wastes our state of the art techniques will reduce your environmental footprint at maximum possible rate. 

Our areas of activity

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As an award-winning international engineering firm. Our highly skilled engineers take a complex problem and use critical thinking to navigate a path past any obstacles. With a team comprising specialists across eight different sectors, we have the expertise necessary to contend with challenging environmental issues.


Relying on years of experience in EPC projects; Today, Osmotec is one of the most high-credit (HC) costumers of well-known manufacturers which receives best offers for equipment, consuming goods, and spare parts. If you are looking for the best the best partner in procurement please request our offer.


As a qualified contractor in the field of water and wastewater treatment we are always seeking for opportunities to add value to engineering project due to constant representing novel technical solutions and accurate engineering design. if you are looking for the most reliable contractor we are ready to send our proposals.

O&M services

Operation and Maintenance of Water and Wastewater treatment plants is our unique services which has recently as revolutionized by employing Artificial Intelligence. relying on our novel AI technique you plants would consume up to 25% less energy, chemicals and consuming goods .


as a consultant and contractor, we know how a piece of equipment or an industrial consuming good should be, what features it should have to meet process requirement. In this regard, thanks to our highly motivated fresh mind in our R&D firm we have developed numerous customized products for water reuse/treatment processes.

our unique technologies

Taking advantages of having an extraordinary minds within our R&D team, we have developed many unique techniques for a wast spectrum of Environmental challenges.


membrane bio reactor for wastewater reuse


low cost boron removal and extraction from seawater


Optimized Reverse Osmosis for higher recovery


Optimized Electrodialysis Reversal for Brine Recovery

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