Relying on our brilliant minds in our process departments expertise in environmental engineering, chemical, water, and wastewater treatment, hereby we proud to announce that we are ready to represent you the most complete package of 


engineering services

The process group at OSMOTEC is comprised of chemical experts, environmental specialists, and water and wastewater treatment engineers with extensive industry experience ranging from process and equipment design to the operation and management of water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Our engineers provide process engineering services to a wide range of industries and municipalities all over the world.  From process development and feasibility studies to detailed process design, OSMOTEC can assist clients with all project phases.



including but not limited to this, here is the list of a polutants or contaminants threating our envionment, health and economy that we can help you to remove or reuse them

Physical contaminants primarily impact the physical appearance or other physical properties of water. Examples of physical contaminants are sediment or organic material suspended in the water of lakes, rivers and streams from soil erosion.

  • turbidity
  • micro-particles
  • nano-particles
  • temperature

Chemical contaminants are elements or compounds. These contaminants may be naturally occurring or man-made. Examples of chemical contaminants include nitrogen, bleach, salts, pesticides, metals, toxins produced by bacteria, and human or animal drugs.

  • Heavy metals including: mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), arsenic (As), chromium (Cr), thallium (Tl), and lead (Pb).
  • Hazardous compounds
  • pH (acidic and basic contaminant)
  • Salinity (from hyper saline to brackish and beyond depend on the quality needed) 
  • Boron 
  • Fluoride contamination
  • Hardness (Calcium and magnesium)

Biological contaminants are organisms in water. They are also referred to as microbes or microbiological contaminants. Examples of biological or microbial contaminants include bacteria, viruses, protozoan, and parasites.

  • Microbial contaminants include bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and parasites
  • Escherichia coli
  • Fecal coliforms

Radiological contaminants are chemical elements with an unbalanced number of protons and neutrons resulting in unstable atoms that can emit ionizing radiation. Examples of radiological contaminants include cesium, plutonium and uranium.

  • strontium
  • barium
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our expertize in engineering will provide you a wide range of solutions to overcome your environmental problems

From municipal to industrial, our water treatment & purification technologies are able to remove any type of contaminant from your water sources for almost every type of applications.

relying on years of experience in development of unique desalination & demineralization techniques, today we represent almost the most efficient solution for your required application with highest recovery and lowest energy consumption.

from minimum liquide discharge (MLD) to zero liquid discharge (ZLD) our wastewater reuse & brine recovery technologist would enable you to fully recover your precious resources, from water to valuable salts and other rare earth elements.

from a centralized mega wastewater treatment plant for metropolises to decentralized sanitary wastewater treatment plant for small communities, we are ready to offer you the most beneficial technologies to make your environmental threat, an economical opportunity fulling your local industries. In fact our knowledge of wastewater treatment engineering would empower you to fully recover highly valued industrial water from both sanitary and industrial wastewater.

our wastewater reuse technologies not only will minimize your environmental footprint, but also would provide you a new source of water to sustainably develop your business

Thanks to the latest technologies Osmotec has developed noting should named trash but raw material for refueling industries from any kind. Relying on our knowledge of solid wastes recycling we are capable to empower you fully recycle all kinds of precious raw material from solid wastes including paper, glass, plastic, metals, fuel and compost.