Established in 2004

OSMOTEC is an Australian knowledge based company providing water, waste water, health and safety solutions across the Globe. We understand the critical importance of good quality water to survival and we are passionate about providing our communities with the best water, health and safety solutions. We are a specialist engineering services that has the capacity, qualification and experience to provide solutions. Our services range from water treatment, advanced treatment, wastewater treatment to water recycling, decentralised modular mobile treatment and reuse. We also provide process definition, process design and process optimisation in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Mine, Health and Food Industries. You give us any water source you need treated and we will give you the water quality required for your purpose.


Support the health and well-being of our customers, and create a brighter future for communities and the natural environment. This purpose sets out our commitment to a sustainable future.


To ensure best-practice management of the Gold Coast’s natural resources for a sustainable future.


Service Excellence
Delivering an excellent experience to our internal and external customers.

Our People
Developing our people’s capacity, being inclusive and inviting diversity of thinking to enable innovation and creativity.

A total commitment to health and safety and encouraging life-balance.

Working together positively, respecting individual contributions and having some fun along the way.

Open Communication
Sharing information and knowledge while fostering trusting relationships that encourage honest conversations.