Water Philosophy: Community Harmony Solutions

If you have water or wastewater treatment issues, we would love to hear from you

OSMOTEC  is a knowledge based, specialist engineering service providing water and wastewater solutions across the whole water spectrum.

 Our mission is to deliver up to date, cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly projects for our clients world wide. 

Our services range from advanced treatment and wastewater treatment plants to water recycling and reuse.

 Our expertise spans a wide range of applications including process definition, process design and process improvement in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Mine, and Food Industries.

Our highly skilled and experienced team is constantly working to develop cutting edge design and processes utilising the most up to date research and technologies in the water and waste water management  industry to date.

 Our current research criteria is to develop technologies that deliver optimal result with the highest degree of efficiency. 

Our focus on safety, community well being and client relationships provides the ideal working environment to deliver the best possible outcome for our team, clients and partners.